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Get help with your social security claim | Law Offices of Dr. Bill LaTour

You may have heard nightmare stories about it taking years to get a decision on a social security disability application. Indeed, if you overlook certain details, it can take a long time with many delays and appeals. However, there are things you can do to fast-track your application for approval, and most of these involve being aware of those aspects that cause delays. Learn how to speed up the delays on your social security claim so that it doesn’t take years to get the benefits you desperately need.

Overview of Social Security Claim Delays

There are two major reasons for delays in SSDI claims. The first of these involves oversight in your claim forms or justifications. For example, if you fail to complete a required section on the forms, or don’t file a form properly, it can create long delays. If you don’t respond to requests for additional information promptly, you can end up in a delay queue.

Another common delay situation arises when you are awaiting a hearing for appealing a refusal. The delays related to hearings can vary wildly from place to place. The average wait for a hearing in Boston in 2016 was around a year. In Brooklyn, on the other hand, it was over 24 months. This is largely a factor of how busy the local courts are.

Requesting a Decision OTR

“OTR” stands for “on the record.” If you think you’ve submitted enough evidence to clearly show that you are medically disabled, you can request an immediate review of the information instead of waiting for a hearing. This allows a judge to make a quick decision based on the evidence at hand without the need for a formal court hearing. You can request the ODAR, or Office of Disability Adjudication and Review, to make this request. First, however, you have to have appealed a denial with a request for hearing.

Social Security Attorneys

You can also get a decision from an attorney who is employed by the SSA. These decisions are usually done when you think the SSA made an error and/or have new evidence or new circumstances to change the original decision. Again, contact ODAR to request an attorney advisor decision.

Other Avenues

Other avenues deal with extremely serious or terminal illnesses. The SSA has a list of about 200 conditions that are considered “compassionate allowances,” and about 15 that are allowed as “presumptive disabilities.” If you have one of these, you can get benefits faster. Likewise, the SSA’s TERI program can expedite applications for those with terminal conditions and dire need.  Finally, veterans of the armed forces are entitled to expedited claims.

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