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Law students stock photo


Law students stock photo.

Disability law is becoming more important than ever. As regulations loosen and injuries increase across the board, more people than ever are depending on things like workers’ compensation and social security to make ends meet and keep control of their lives when they get hurt. There are also many who have disabling illnesses and conditions that render them unable to work or even live on their own without help.

Unfortunately, there are also a lot of people out there who don’t understand how disability law works, and this results in claims being denied. Now, UCLA law students are starting up the very first scholarly law journal focused specifically on disability law. Learn about the new UCLA Law Journal, what it means for the practice, and what it means for disability law in Los Angeles and across the entire nation.

Disability Law Journal

The UCLA Law School, which is home to a number of respected legal journals like the Criminal Justice Law Review and the Entertainment Law Review, is now unveiling the Disability Law Journal. This will be the only legal journal of its kind.

The goal, according to the law students who created the journal, is to better inform people about disability law, and the issues that affect those who have disabilities. It will cover issues like discrimination, employment, sexual abuse, and police violence.

Filling a Void

The journal is filling a possibly surprising void in legal studies. Given what a vast legal area it is, and the sheer number of people that are affected by disabilities, it’s surprising that nobody has undertaken a scholarly journal already. This journal will not only serve to raise awareness about disability issues, it will help to credit scholars and academics that are dedicated to disability law.

The journal is an opportunity to provide the recognition that legal scholarship in this area deserves, and to the people seeking to better the world. Initially, it will publish for three years, and then the School of Law will review it to see if it’s worth continuing.


The journal will see its content split between previously-published academic articles, and current student work focusing on disability issues. The idea is to create the most solid foundation possible to allow the journal to thrive for many years to come. It will hopefully continue to validate the work of future scholars as the years go on.

Evolving and Enforcing Laws

There are so many issues involving disability law, and all too often those who most need them become victims of poor enforcement. The people that are trying to expand the laws and are looking to change the world for the better are being given a forum to make their voices heard, according to UCLA Sunney Poyner, the editor-in-chief.

The journal’s senior manager James Darling says that it was his own experience with learning and cognitive disabilities that led him to this project. He views it as an opportunity to play a role as an advocate for those who don’t have voices. Students involved are viewing this journal as a long-term project that will cover issues of law enforcement, as well as being a forum for legal scholars to advocate for people with disabilities across the nation.

Disability Law in Los Angeles

There are a number of issues surrounding disability law in Los Angeles, not the least of which are issues surrounding social security disability insurance. Far too many people get denied benefits for SSDI every day. In fact, roughly 70% of all SSDI claims are denied the first time out, and of those that are accepted, less than 1% actually see benefits within a year.

The problem is serious, with the Social Security Agency constantly looking for reasons to deny claims. The laws surrounding SSDI and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) are very detailed, complicated and complex. A single mistake can be very costly and too many people who genuinely need benefits end up desperate.

The truth is, if you’re in a situation where you need help challenging a disability claim refusal, the right disability law attorney can make all the difference in the world. The Law Offices of Dr. Bill LaTour have years of experience in all aspects of disability law and are exclusively focused on SSDI and SSI benefit laws. We give our clients a strong chance at getting the benefits to which the law entitles you, and to minimize delays in the process.

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