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SSDI Benefits


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Author: Fitzgerald & Bomier, LLC, Appleton, WI

Just because you are receiving Social Security disability benefits does not mean that you will be able to live comfortably. These benefits are often just high enough to meet your most basic needs, but in order to afford anything more than that, you will need to supplement your income. You can do this in a variety of ways, though it is important that you do not make a decision that could disrupt your scheduled SSDI benefits. For this, you will want to talk to a social security disability lawyer at the Law Offices of Dr. Bill LaTour.

Be Careful With Work-Related Income

If you are regularly earning an income, you might not be able to claim disability. Many individuals who are able to work despite their disability are removed from SSDI benefits altogether. You therefore need to be careful with your work-related income. The Social Security Administration (SSA) specifically uses “substantial gainful work” (SGA) levels to determine how much income is too much and, if you surpass that limit, you probably will not qualify for compensation.

The SSA may even look further into your work duties and responsibilities, logged hours and management position to come up with your benefits amount. Additionally, the benefits could be deducted straight from your earnings. It might therefore make sense to look at alternative benefits to apply for when out with disability.

Apply For Supplemental Security Income

You cannot collect more than one Social Security benefit at once. For example, if you qualify for disability and retirement, you can choose only one of the two to receive. In order to bypass this rule, however, Supplemental Security Income (SSI) can help you out. Run jointly at both the state and federal level, this is the minimum income possible to guarantee to the blind, elderly or disabled. SSI can be received in addition to SSDI benefits.

Additional Disability Benefits

There are a number of alternative benefits you can collect when out with disability. You should probably first start at the state level. Some states, including California, will offer temporary SSDI benefits in addition to the state unemployment program. You can therefore call your local unemployment office to see if you qualify.

Other benefits, including those coming from private disability insurance policies or workers’ compensation benefits from an employer, can be used while receiving SSDI benefits. Medicare is also an option after receiving disability benefits for more than 24 months. This can be great news for many people, but not all. For more options, you should get in touch with a social security disability lawyer.

Contact A Social Security Disability Lawyer

Understanding the legal loopholes and hurdles involved with the Social Security process can be painstaking, to say the least. Instead of dealing with them on your own, you should therefore look for professional help where you can.

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