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Learn what not to say when filing for social security disability

Filing your papers to collect social security can be very confusing, and it may even be designed that way. There are a small minority of people out there who try to cheat the system, and it has resulted in complications that unfortunately can cost people who are legitimately in need. There are certain things you need to make sure that you don’t include on your application. Learn about the critical mistakes to avoid when filing for disability benefits, and how a qualified disability lawyer can help you do the right thing.

What to Say when Filing for Disability

It’s most important when filing for disability, to focus on what you should say. By focusing on what to say, you’re less likely to accidentally say what you shouldn’t. In terms of your disability, be open and honest about your medical and mental health problems, how they are affecting your daily life, and the symptoms and costs you face.

Talk about your medical treatments, your impairments, your medications and any side effects you’ve suffered, and how these interfere with your ability to work and live on a daily basis. These facts are essential to your case.

Discussing Work History

You may have to answer questions about your work history. If you are asked for this information, be detailed and account for everything you had to do at your job. Did you ever have to do heavy lifting? Say so. Was there a lot of sit-and-stand? Mention it. Be detailed and again, honest and forthright.

Your work history is important because part of your claim review will involve determining if you can do other forms of work. The reviewer will take your training, duties, transferable skills and even your education level and age into account, so the more open and honest you are, the better off you’ll be.

What Not to Do

Don’t try to condense your symptoms or disabilities to save space or time. Don’t be embarrassed or think you’re overblowing the things you deal with. The more details you can give, the better off you’ll be. You can’t take up too much space describing your conditions and their effects on your life.

By the same token, don’t try to over exaggerate your conditions thinking it’ll get you more sympathy. Reviewers are trained to spot exaggerations, and if you try this tactic, you could find your claim questioned based on that very thing.

Fighting a Refusal

Don’t be surprised or disheartened if your first try gets refused. This is more common than many people realize, and it’s not the end of the world or the end of the road for you. It is possible to fight refusals of SSI claims, but you may need help to do so. The best form of help you can get is with the services of a qualified  Social Security Disability Attorney.

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